Quality guaranteed since 1951

Nylon, the solution for metal constructions

In 1951, Dubo® placed a unique innovation on the market: nylon retaining washers for metal constructions. This revolutionary design, developed and produced in the Netherlands, was patented worldwide and has since won favour across the planet. Dubo® and KORREX® products are still produced in Europe with the same high quality and distributed worldwide with personal service from our head office in the Netherlands.

Excellent locking, perfect sealing

Dubo® and KORREX® nylon retaining washers and other products guarantee excellent locking, sealing, and material protection in every type of construction. We supply appropriate products for every situation, whatever the size:

Dubo® Originals

Retaining washers for bolts, nuts, socket screws, and toothed collar washers. Made of resilient, super-elastic nylon, a Dubo® retaining washer encases the nut and thread seamlessly. Unique, innovative, and guaranteed quality.

KORREX® products

Insulation bushes, protective caps, washers, and rosettes; KORREX® products are the leading solution for sealing and protection. Placing them between two types of metal prevents corrosion at the transition. Guaranteed high quality.

Dubo® Original: 10 advantages

Dutch service, European products, worldwide availability

The Dubo® team at our head office in the Netherlands is at your service. All our products are crafted in Europe and delivered worldwide. Whether you choose to purchase directly from us or through our extensive network of authorised dealers and distributors, rest assured that every Dubo® Original product embodies unmatched craftsmanship and reliability!

More info?

If you have any questions about the original Dubo® or KORREX® products, check out the FAQs on our site or contact us. We’ll be happy to hear from you!