Dubo: inventor and producer of Dubo® Originals

Quality and innovation guaranteed, since 1951

Dubo is the inventor and producer of Dubo® Originals. Dubo® products have been developed, produced, and distributed worldwide from the Netherlands since 1951. The company started using the superpolyamide nylon 6 in parts instead of metal, which offered an immediate solution to locking and sealing nuts and bolts in constructions. 

Double locking

The name Dubo is derived from the Dutch ‘Dubbel Borgen’, which refers to the double locking of Dubo® products. The nylon material deforms and wraps itself around the bolt and the thread in the bolt hole. This prevents loosening due to vibration and damage due to moisture or galvanic corrosion. The double locking provided by Dubo® products therefore guarantees a construction will carry on doing its job long into the future.

Revolutionary Dutch invention

Using nylon 6 superpolyamide was a revolutionary step, as plastic had not been used in metal constructions before 1951. We discovered that the inherent characteristics of this material, elasticity and extensibility, were ideal for retaining washers that have a lot of pressure exerted on them in constructions. Nylon 6 achieves maximum strength when stretched or deformed under high pressure. In the 1950s, nylon 6 was first formed into retaining washers in our injection moulding plant in Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. It was then successfully marketed and revealed to the world, including at industrial fairs such as the Hannover Messe. This led to Dubo® retaining washers being shipped all over the world from the Netherlands in the same decade!

Made in Europe

In the years that followed, our company expanded; other Dubo® products were developed, and KORREX® was added to the range. KORREX® is a line of anti-corrosion products used where two types of metal come into contact. The company now operates factories in Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands, so the entire range is produced in Europe. Dubo supplies its Originals from its headquarters in Hoofddorp near Amsterdam, from where it also offers technical support and manages European production.

Dubo® Originals: quality guaranteed since 1951

Dubo remains the only manufacturer of genuine Dubo® products: Dubo® Originals with the trusted quality we’ve been supplying since 1951. These Originals can be obtained from us directly or from our reliable network of distributors and dealers worldwide. Unfortunately, Originals are also counterfeited, so there are some products out there of dubious quality. If you’d like to know if the Dubo® products that have been offered to you are genuine Dubo® Originals, please ask us. We’ll be happy to check whether you’re dealing with an authorised reseller.

Questions? Or orders?

Dubo® and KORREX® products are available worldwide from our authorised distributors and dealers, or directly from us in the Netherlands. If you have any questions, or want to place an order, please feel free to contact us at any time. We’re here to help.

More info?

If you have any questions about the original Dubo® or KORREX® products, check out the FAQs on our site or contact us. We’ll be happy to hear from you!