Dubo® retaining washers for socket screws

Secured and sealed by a Dubo® Original

Just like standard Dubo® retaining washers, these washers for socket screws are also very effective and easy to use. The nylon material forces itself around the thread and into the hexagonal bolt hole when the screw connection is tightened. These specific retaining washers are an effective and efficient solution for optimally locking and sealing socket screws.

Excellent locking, sealing and material protection properties

This version of the Dubo® retaining washer is specifically designed for socket screws but maintains all the properties of the original Dubo® retaining washer. For example, it creates an exceptionally high coefficient of friction between the bolt and the bolt hole, which prevents unscrewing, loosening, and leaks. Wear or metal fatigue is also prevented, and the vibration absorbing properties of these retaining washers reduce sound. The retaining washer is elastic, strong, and resistant to the influence of chemical materials such as seawater, petrol, and many others with adverse properties. The isolating effect prevents galvanic corrosion between different materials.

For threaded fasteners from M4 – M22

This Dubo® retaining washer is made of superpolyamide; elastic, very strong nylon 6. It can be used independently. For heavy-duty applications, such as with 8.8 and 10.9 bolts, we recommend combining this retaining washer with a Dubo® toothed collar washer. Nylon retaining washers for socket screws are available for threaded fasteners from M4 to M22.

Advantages of Dubo® retaining washers

These retaining washers are genuine Dubo® Originals, which we invented in 1951 and have been crafting and perfecting ever since. Their quality is undisputed, and they offer a number of extremely important advantages:

Dubo - retaining washers for socket screws
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The Dubo® locking washer for socket screws forces itself into the screw thread, the bolt hole, and around the nut, creating an exceptionally high coefficient of friction between itself and the bolt. As a result:
  • the retaining washer is unable to rotate around the bolt;
  • the nut cannot loosen;
  • and imperfections are filled which prevents leaks.
Dubo® retaining washers:
  • absorb vibrations in the bolt connection;
  • have a plastic-elastic effect;
  • and so far as we know are free of substances listed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as an SVHC.
Dubo® retaining washers:
  • are resistant to alkaline liquids, solutions of inorganic neutral salts, oils, greases, and common chemicals such as petrol, alcohol, diluted acids, and sea water;
  • prevent galvanic corrosion between connected parts;
  • and prevent metal fatigue of the bolt.
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Assembly
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Elastic limit: 7 N/mm2
  • Ultimate tensile strength: 26 N/mm2
  • Elastic Modulus: 6,600 kg/cm2
  • Dielectric strength: 18 kV/mm
  • Hardness in degrees Rockwell: HRC 115
  • Specific weight: 1.14

Assembly instructions for Dubo® retaining washers

To ensure bolts are locked and sealed reliably, observe the following assembly instructions:
  1. The bolt should be tightened until the outer reinforcing rim of the washer is deformed and tightened around the screw head. This indicates the bolt has been sufficiently tensioned. Because the retaining washer is squeezed around the bolt, it may appear that the bolt needs to be tightened further, but this is not the case. As soon as the retaining washer deforms, it means the tension is sufficient and the bolt is fully tightened. Further tightening is damaging and not recommended.
  2. The smoothest finish possible on the contact surface of the component improves the locking and sealing.
  3. Choose the right size retaining washer for each bolt hole.
  4. For perfect sealing, the specifications for bolt holes in accordance with DIN 69 medium or fine must be observed.
  5. With socket screws, Dubo retaining washers can be used together with steel Dubo® toothed collar washers. In that case, the nut and bolt can be tightened with the appropriate spanner.

Can be used in combination with:

Dubo - Toothed collar washers

Dubo® toothed collar washers

The Dubo® toothed collar washers reinforces the properties of a Dubo® retaining washer. As a true Dubo® Original, it guarantees excellent quality. The collared tooth lock washer is made of steel or stainless steel and designed for use with high-quality 8.8 and 10.9 steel bolts.

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