Dubo® toothed collar washers (steel and stainless steel)

Allow additional loading of the Dubo® retaining washer

The Dubo® toothed collar washers reinforces the properties of a Dubo® retaining washer. As a true Dubo® Original, it guarantees excellent quality. The toothed collar washer is made of steel or stainless steel and designed for use with high-quality 8.8 and 10.9 steel bolts. It keeps the retaining washer effective and intact, regardless of the force applied to it by the bolt.

Integrated retaining washer, toothed collar washer and nut

Dubo® toothed collar washers are designed so that the teeth perforate the retaining washer under high pressure. After the assembled pieces are deformed, the retaining washer forms a single whole with the toothed collar washer and the nut. This creates a partly rigid connection of steel/steel-nylon and constant elasticity of the retaining washer.

Maximum load capacity

If a Dubo® toothed collar washer is applied, any nut can be used and reused as a lock nut. If used in combination with a toothed collar washer, the Dubo® retaining washer can be loaded for any desired bolt force without the high load damaging the nut or bolt. Dubo® toothed collar washers are available in steel and stainless steel.

Advantages of Dubo® toothed collar washers

These toothed collar washers are Dubo® Originals; designed and produced by us since 1951. That means absolute quality and convincing advantages are guaranteed:

Dubo - KORREX toothed collar washers
Part.No.MaterialRef No.Metric threads
(Hexagon head
Inch threads
(Hexagon head
Metric threads
(Socket head
Inch threads
(Socket head
1504000000000steel404M 4/53/16"M61/4"11,206,802,500,50500
1604000000000stainless 404M 4/53/16"M61/4"11,206,802,500,50500
1606000000000stainless 406M61/4"13,209,203,700,70500
1608000000000stainless 408M83/8"M103/8"17,0012,003,900,90500
1610000000000stainless 410M101/2"M121/2"21,2013,404,401,50500
1612000000000stainless 412M12M1424,3015,404,701,50100
1614000000000stainless 414M145/8"M165/8"27,0017,505,001,50100
1616000000000stainless 416M16M1831,3021,406,001,60100
1518000000000steel418M 18/207/8"M227/8"37,5026,005,651,80100
1618000000000stainless 418M 18/207/8"M227/8"37,5026,005,651,80100
1522000000000steel422M 22/2444,0030,406,002,00100
1622000000000stainless 422M 22/2444,0030,406,002,00100
1627000000000stainless 427M27M2451,0035,006,402,00100
1630000000000stainless 430M3056,0040,007,302,60100
1633000000000stainless 433M3361,0045,008,002,60100
1636000000000stainless 436M3667,0050,008,602,65100


When combined with a toothed collar washer, a Dubo® retaining washer can withstand any load, even when using 8.8 and 10.9 bolts.

  • Regardless of the load on the retaining washer
  • Bolts cannot vibrate loose
  • Also good locking properties for tap bolts
  • Toothed collar washers can be reused multiple times
  • Suitable for use at high temperatures (± 180 °C)
  • A toothed collar washer allows any nut to be used as a lock nut

Uses of the Dubo® toothed collar washers

The Dubo® retaining washer is placed in the steel retaining washer. When the nut is subsequently tightened, the retaining washer is optimally deformed. Any desired bolt force can be applied.

Can be used in combination with:

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