Dubo® Originals and KORREX® products

Order your original Dubo® and KORREX® products now; guaranteed quality since 1951. Made in Europe with technical support from the Netherlands.

Dubo® Originals

Retaining washers for bolts, nuts, socket screws, and toothed collar washers. Made of resilient, super-elastic nylon, a Dubo® retaining washer encases the nut and thread seamlessly. Unique, innovative, and guaranteed quality.

KORREX® products

Insulation bushes, protective caps, washers, and rosettes; KORREX® products are the leading solution for sealing and protection. Placing them between two types of metal prevents corrosion at the transition. Guaranteed high quality.

Dubo® Originals

Dubo® retaining washers

Dubo® retaining washers are effective and easy to use. Dubo® retaining washers have a unique design which forces the nylon to encase the screw thread and the bolt hole when the connection is tightened. It offers an effective and cost-effective solution for manufacturers and installers who need permanent, durable locking.

Dubo® retaining washers for socket screws

Just like standard Dubo® retaining washers, these washers for socket screws are also very effective and easy to use. The nylon material forces itself around the thread and into the hexagonal bolt hole when the screw connection is tightened.

Dubo® toothed collar washers

The Dubo® toothed collar washers reinforces the properties of a Dubo® retaining washer. As a true Dubo® Original, it guarantees excellent quality. The collared tooth lock washer is made of steel or stainless steel and designed for use with high-quality 8.8 and 10.9 steel bolts.

KORREX® Products

KORREX® hexagon nut caps

KORREX® nut caps for hexagonal nuts are an effective yet simple solution. Although very easy to attach, they offer significant protection. These nut caps can be used in any location and industry.

KORREX® round nut caps

KORREX® round nut caps have round heads and are suitable for hexagonal nuts. Despite being extremely effective, these protective caps are very simple to attach.

KORREX® snap caps

KORREX® snap caps are a complete solution for covering fasteners such as bolts, pop rivets, etc. Each snap cap consists of a plastic washer and cover cap. No other materials or screws are needed.

KORREX® protective caps for socket screws

KORREX® protective caps for socket screws are the ideal protection for common socket screws. Dirt and dust tend to accumulate in the hex socket, which makes unscrewing increasingly difficult.

KORREX® insulation bushes (I, II/WW, II/M) (Insulation bushes – metric threads / imperial threads)

KORREX® insulation bushes are essential in various technical applications.

KORREX® rosettes

KORREX® rosettes are the ideal solution for protecting screws against surface damage. These widely applicable rosettes are suitable for both domed and flat countersunk heads.

KORREX® flat washers

KORREX® flat washers made of white nylon are specially designed to distribute the pressure of a screw or nut over a larger surface. They have insulating properties and are resistant to all kinds of chemicals.

Incredibly resilient, pure and durable

Dubo® Originals are made of nylon 6, a super polyamide. This base material is produced without additives in our European factories, so you can rely on the purity, strength and durability of every Dubo® Original product.

10 advantages of a Dubo® Original

New product numbers

The product numbers of the early years have been updated. To find the correct product number, see the table below. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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