KORREX® hexagon nut caps

For hexagonal nuts

KORREX® nut caps for hexagonal nuts are an effective yet simple solution. Although very easy to attach, they offer significant protection. These nut caps can be used in any location and industry.

Insulate the bolt connection

KORREX® nut caps with KORREX® insulation bushes and Dubo® retaining washers completely insulate the bolt connection.

Sealing and protection

Pressing the nut cap onto the nut turns a hexagonal nut into a cap nut. The original connection of the nut remains intact, while the thread is sealed and the nut and bolt are protected against corrosion and other negative effects. This both improves the security of the construction and gives a more attractive finish.

Advantages of KORREX® Hexagon nut caps

Dubo - KORREX hexagon nuts
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  • Seal the thread
  • Insulate nut and bolt
  • Can be used without modifying existing construction or connection

Protect nut and bolt against corrosion

  • Easy to apply
  • Reuse possible

Can be used in combination with:

Dubo - Retaining Washers

Dubo® retaining washers

Dubo® retaining washers are effective and easy to use. Dubo® retaining washers have a unique design which forces the nylon to encase the screw thread and the bolt hole when the connection is tightened. It offers an effective and cost-effective solution for manufacturers and installers who need permanent, durable locking.

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